Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Tangkap cintan..

"Cherish the one who is closely to your heart. Coz who might know one day u wake up and realize that u've lost precious diamond while u are buzy collecting stones..."

"Andai kata cinta itu sebuah pengorbanan, mengapa pengorbanan itu bukan nokhtah sebuah cinta? Andai kata derita itu hanya sebuah cinta, mengapa cinta itu semakin sukar untuk dimiliki?''

"Jangan terlalu menyayangi seseorang, kelak kita akan membencinya.Jangan pula terlalu membenci seseorang,kelak kita akan menyayanginya."

"i wanna be a sweet dream in your sleep..i wanna be something that u might always miss..because without u my step is broken..oooh because my heart is already tired..i wanna be something that u might always touch..i just want u to know that i'll always adore u..without u the time is silently chaining the heart..oooh ur shadow is just like..."

"love the heart that hates you, but dont hate the heart that loves you, coz for the world u might be someone, but for someone u might be the 'WORLD' "

"What can I do, to make you mine, Falling so hard so fast this time, What did I say, what did you do? How did I fall in love with you?"

"Never gone, never far, In my heart is where you are.. Always close, everyday, Every step along the way.. Even though for now we've gotta say goodbye.. I know you will be forever in my life
Never gone"

"Tomorrow the sun will shine, And dry the tears in your eyes, Suddenly love comes alive…"

"you are the light that is leading me, to the place where i find peace again, you are the strength that keeps me walking,
you are the hope that keeps me trusting, you are the life to my soul, you are my purpose, you are everything...."

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