Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Sickness Day 5...


I'm not normally phased by it. In fact I haven't got it since 3 month ago. But this last few days have unnerved me. Since Monday the left side of my chest has been sore when breathing in. Some inflamation going on. I reluctantly went to the doctor yesterday and get quick treatment (gas) then they gave me some of those little yellow pills....six a day... I think some of this is my fault. if i just take a rest on monday, maybe i'm okey right now and maybe i shouldn't wait a bus in a rainy day on last saturday.. what a stupid am i???

Breathe In, Breathe Out

"Today I wheezed, today I sneezed,
today I learned a lesson.
That breathing in and out each day
Is really quite a blessing.

Some tubes connect my mouth to my lungs,
And at times they swell up like balloons.
And when they do, the air squeeks through,
So my breathing appears out of tune.

I’m absent when the tubes swell tight.
Some say I'm playing hooky,
But when breathing is a struggle,
I can't even eat a cookie.

I've learned what I've got is called asthma.
It's a good thing for me that I'm bright.
I test my breathing at the start of each day,
And avoid things that make the tubes tight.

Sometimes no matter what I do
The tubes swell anyhow,
But I have tricks tucked up my sleeve.
I'll share some with you now.

I puff special medicine into my mouth
With a nebulizer gadget.
It works to open up the tubes.
It really is like magic.

If breathing in and breathing out
A zillion times each day,
Is something you do without thinking a thought,
Thank God for this gift when you pray."

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