Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Love Pain..

The Pain of Love

The first time I saw you deep inside my heart I knew

My heart was only made for you

I believed you were my soul mate I thought you felt it too

We had great times and made memories I'll never forget

You showed me how wonderful love could honestly be

You quickly made me see what I was meant to be living for

Simply for your smile, your laugh, and your touch

But most importantly for ours hearts to be combined as one

And for us to show each other a whole new world of love

Now you say its over and you need your space

You must not see how this is killing me

It's leaving my heart feeling like just an empty place

I now feel cold and useless instead of warm and alive

What use to be my happy life is now just a miserable race

I can't stop the tears from overflowing down my face

I know I am suppose to forget and try to move on

I've cried so many tears now I have so many fears

You took my heart and tore it apart

I haven't yet learned how I am suppose to get along without you in my life

And I keep recalling all our memories in my mind

For going on without you there is no reason I can find

Deep down I know the feelings are always there

Maybe someday you will care

At least for now I can try to hide my pain

I know if I don't I'll go insane

In my heart I know I hold out hope you will one day return to me

But in my mind I realize I have to ride the river of life

And try holding on until I reach the banks of a distant shore

Where I won't miss you anymore. ..

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